Our Story

The beginning 2020

Friends, Todd McKenney and Sas Lyon were talking about how catastrophic the current health crisis has been on their industry (entertainment) and also on their personal passions - community health, specifically that of vulnerable children. Todd in his work as a supporter of The Grace Centre at The Children's Hospital at Westmead and Sas who is the mother of a vulnerable child.

From this chat the idea for TODD MASKS was born. The site aims to create a platform for Australian, handmade goods to be sold direct to the Australian public and to assist those who have small businesses and who would otherwise be making costumes and products for the entertainment industry to have an online platform from which to sell their products.

The TODD MASKS team are incredibly grateful for the support of both the Australian media, and our mask makers and look forward to continuing to do our bit to help.

Todd McKenney – Entertainer

Sas Lyon – Digital Marketer